Kids Bridge Books is proud to present our third book/video Pudgy Guthrie!

 A story about a boy that perseveres through tough times at sleep-away camp, dealing with bullies and alligators and other adversities to come out on top as our hero. 

Pudgy Guthrie is available as a video on our website and on 

only on our Kids Bridge Books channel. 

Check it out!



Me and My Moose! is A sing along story about a little boy and moose who interact with animals as they go about their day. 

For the time being, the book can only be seen as a free video on by searching Me and My Moose. 

We hope to have this book printed in the near future and very much appreciate your patience!






Happy Halloween is a story about four trick-or-treaters who learn that even on halloween, there is nothing better then being yourself. The second edition book of Happy Halloween is available for purchase and shipping has begun!  


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